Home-School Reading Partnership

It is very important for your child to develop as a good reader, and your help at home is a vital part of this.

Please try to read with your child regularly, every day if possible, for about 10 – 20 minutes.

Your child will bring home several books each week. They may have already read some of these books in a ‘guided reading’ lesson; others will be their own choice.

If your child is unsure of a word, don’t tell them straight away, but let them HAVE A GO at using the different ways they have been taught to work these out, for example:

  • look at the pictures
  • put the sounds of the word together
  • think about what would make sense. 

Please TALK to your child during or after reading about what they have read to make sure they understand. You could ask:

  • What sort of book is it? (story, poem, information)
  • Who was their favourite character?
  • What do they think will happen next?
  • What have they learnt from the book

Brilliant Books to share at home:

Brilliant Books to Share with Your Year 1 Child and Questions You Can Ask


Examples of questions that you can ask your child before, during and at the end of the book

Strategies pupils can use to help work out words when reading

At Colindale Primary School Spanish is taught in Years 3 to 6. In preparation for Year 3, children in Year 1 could explore the Spanish vocabulary that they will be learning.

These are some of the different topics that they will learn in Year 3:

LOS SALUDOS / Greetings; LOS COLORES / Colours; LOS ANIMALES / Animals; and LOS DIAS DE LA SEMANA / Days of the week.

These are some websites that can help children to learn Spanish vocabulary and sentence structures in a fun way:





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