Punctuality and regular attendance are vital if children are to learn well and make friends. Children who miss days, or the beginning of the day through lateness become confused and are disadvantaged. If children are absent for a valid reason such as illness this will be authorised as long as parents send a note or telephone the school to explain why. We ask parents to please let us know if their child has an infectious disease such as German measles or also if they have head lice. Children who have been sick or had diarrhoea need to be kept off school for 48 hours after the last occurrence. Routine medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school time.

Unexplained absence or absence without a valid reason is marked unauthorised on a child’s record. Children arriving after the register closes at 9.10am will be marked with an unauthorised late. However, if there is an occasional problem we would prefer a child to be a few minutes late rather than not at school.

Term time holidays will not be authorised. If there is an urgent need for a child to be taken out of school during term time parents are required to fill in an absence request form in advance. The Head Teacher will usually speak to them about it before making the decision as to whether the request will be authorised or not.

What happens if a child has an accident or becomes ill in school?

Our school Welfare Assistants play an important part in caring for the well being of the children. They are qualified to administer first aid if a child has a minor accident or becomes ill. Class teachers will let parents/carers know at the end of the day informing them of the injury/illness and the treatment given. If a child needs to go home or receive further medical treatment parents will be contacted immediately. It is therefore vitally important that we have up to date contact information and that parents let us know of any changes. If we are unable to contact parents and we feel it is necessary for a child to go to hospital they will be accompanied by a member of staff.


Apart from those children who require inhalers for asthma, or other regular medication prescribed by a doctor, medicines will only be administered in exceptional cases and after discussion with parents who will be required to fill in a consent form. We will only administer medicine that is required 4 times daily. Medicines must not be given to children or sent into class teachers.

Child Protection Procedures

Parents should be aware that where the school has a reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to neglect, physical abuse or any other kind of abuse we are required to follow Barnet’s Child Protection Procedures and inform Social Services of our concerns.


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