There are lots of different ways for you to find out what is happening at Colindale Primary School. Reading our monthly newsletters posted on this website, regularly looking at the school calendar, reading the events page and making sure you read all the texts and letters we send you are some of the ways you can keep up-to-date.

Here are some other ways:

Parent Consultation Evenings

There are three Parent Consultation Evenings each year; one every term. You will be given an appointment to see your child’s teacher/s where you will have the opportunity to discuss their achievements and progress, look at the work in their books and on display, raise any concerns you may have and discuss next steps and how you can support them with their learning at home.

Parents’ Workshops

You’ll be able to find out about how we teach and how you can help your child at home in a range of national curriculum subjects.


Information Sessions

These are held throughout the year to provide parents and carers with a range of important, up to date information. These include Welcome to the Year Group meetings in September, the Reception Parents Phonics presentation in October,  SATs and Phonic Check presentations in March. For the latest presentations see below;


Year 6 SATs Parent Presentation
Year 1 Phonics Check Presentation


Open Lessons

Every term we have a range of Open Lessons in each year group where parents and carers can come and see how teachers teach and children learn in a particular area of the curriculum.  It is an opportunity for parents and carers to be given direct advice on how to support their children at home, as well as ask any questions.


Questionnaires are sent out regularly to find out parents’ and carers’ views on school life. We value your responses and where a lot of parents have commented we take action.

Click here to see the results of the latest questionnaire.


Your child will be involved in two class assemblies every year where parents, carers and other family members are welcome. Please refer to the school calendar for the dates.


Messages from the school

We use a messaging system to update you throughout the year, sending reminders about school events and links to any letters as well as the monthly newsletter. We ask that parents and carers keep the school office updated of any changes to their contact details.

Performances & Exhibitions

Colindale children get involved in a variety of performances throughout the year, such as Voice in a Million, the annual Barnet Infant School Music Festival, school based plays and our annual carol concerts.  Every two years we also put on an Art Exhibition and Black History Month Carnival. Parents and Carers are very welcome at these events.


Science Week

Every year there is an opportunity for you to learn alongside your child to see what exciting things they are learning in school in Science.

Well Done Certificates

These are a good way of finding out when your child has been doing well. Everyone will be given a chance to share their good work and our weekly Well Done assembly.


Curriculum Overviews

These overviews tell you about the topics and all the areas your child will be working on, on a termly basis.

Visit the Curriculum Overview page in the Learning section of our site to find out more.

Subject Overviews

These Overviews tell you what is taught each term in every year group.

Visit the Subject Overview page in the Learning section of our site to find out more.

Book Week and Everyone Reads

During our annual Book Week all parents and carers are invited in to school to join in with a reading session in their child’s classroom. This gives them the opportunity to see their child in their classroom environment and helps to enthuse them to become more proficient readers.

Every Friday morning, we hold our Everyone Reads session, where all parents and carers are invited from 8:40 to 9:00 to come into their child’s class and read.


See our Home Learning Policy here.

Approachable Staff

Senior members of staff are on the school gates every morning and afternoon walking around the school grounds; if you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help.

Eco School Green Flag
Barnet Resilient Schools badge