Colindale Primary School Council Mission Statement

The purpose of our school council is to encourage pupils to get involved in school issues that directly concern them. Our school council members listen to the views of their classmates and take responsibility for some parts of school life.  

As we are a large school, and we want to ensure that everyone has their voice heard during meetings, we have an upper (years 4 to 6) and a lower (years 1 to 3) school council.  There are two members of the council (one boy and one girl) from each class and pupils are encouraged to participate and discuss issues that concern the different age groups. The school council meets regularly with the deputy head.

This year our School Council members are:

Lower School Council members

1M– Eri & Monishka

1C– Danyal & Princess Naomi

1A– Omar & Emily

2J- Bilal & Ammarah

2N- Augustin & Saara

2P- Kian & Nell

3G – Robert & Leila

3K – Nikolae & Hikma

3F– Kevin & Summer

Upper School Council members

4M- Todi & Helena

4J- Heider & Samaa

4R- Alex & Lyna 

5N- Albert & Anam

5LT- Layth & Mahmooda

5JT- Joshua & Abisna

 6K- Ahmad & Holly

6N- Amir, David & Lima

6D- Mahmood & Alicia


The school council helps to improve our school community by nurturing responsibility and a strong sense of pride and togetherness.

Last academic year (2018/2019) the School Council:

  • Decided on which playground equipment the Parent Staff Association (PSA) should purchase, so that there were even more fun activities to do at lunchtimes.
  • Met with our school governors to share their views on the school.
  • Year 6 councillors organised events to raise money for their yearbook.
  • Helped to keep our school clean by removing litter at lunchtimes and reminded pupils and parents to put their rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Made posters and spoke to their classmates about Anti-Bullying Week and promoted our popular, annual Friendship Disco held during Anti-Bullying Week, organised by the PSA.
  • Chose a treehouse for the playground, which will be purchased by the PSA and is currently at the planning stage.
    We will keep you updated on this year’s achievements as they happen!
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