Mental Health & Wellbeing


At Colindale we are confident and have the freedom to talk about our feelings. We know that it is ok to experience and feel different emotions and can choose different strategies to regulate ourselves. We know we can trust others to actively listen to how we feel, or the concerns we may have, and not to judge. We are a talking school and are all responsible for supporting each other’s mental health and wellbeing. 


What is Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Everybody has mental health and this can look different in every person. Everybody can have days where they feel good and similarly days when they are struggling.

It is essential that everybody strives to have good mental health. Therefore, it is important that you are able to identify how you feeling and what causes you to feel this way. Once potential triggers have been identified you are able to develop coping strategies to ensure you maintain good mental health.

What do we do in Colindale?

At Colindale Primary school we strive to educate all children about Mental Health and Wellbeing. It is important that from a young age children are aware of how they and others feel, how to cope with these feelings and identify which situations these feelings are present for.

In school we do this in many fun and engaging ways including: –

  • Stories about Mental Health needs
  • PSHE lessons/circle times
  • Assemblies
  • Mental Health Awareness week

Throughout our school we provide all children with resources that help them to:-  

  • Zones of Regulation
  • Daily emotional check-ins
  • 20/20/20 lunchtime club
  • Rainbows club
  • Worry monsters
  • Books

Whilst talking about mental health and wellbeing it is important to be calm, use a neutral tone and use language that is consistent. Below are examples of the language used in school:-

  • Struggles
  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Comfortable feelings
  • Uncomfortable feelings
  • Resilience
  • Coping


Staff wellbeing

Staff mental health and wellbeing is incredibly important and something that is always considered at Colindale. At Colindale, we are a talking school where open dialogue about mental health is supported. Staff also have access to a Wellbeing Solutions program that provides staff with access to a wealth of resources and advice.

The Staff Wellbeing Committee

At Colindale there is a staff wellbeing committee, that consists of different members of staff from across the school. The committee meets every half term to discuss how staff are feeling whilst at work and will put forward suggestions from the staff regarding improving mental health and wellbeing. The topics raised at each meeting are taken to the headteacher where solutions can be discussed.

The committee members are:-

  • Miss Nuttall
  • Miss Whiter
  • Mrs Grigoriardou
  • Mrs Andreou
  • Miss Phillips
  • Ms Dray
  • Ms Malik


Local and National services

There are many local and national services available for children and their families who are dealing with mental health struggles. Some services are targeted specifically for children but others can provide support for the wider families or just for the adults themselves.  













There is a wealth of resources that children and families can use to support good mental health and encourage talking about mental health. Below are just a few examples.

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