At Colindale, we understand that birthdays and other special events, such as religious celebrations,  are important, and we love celebrating them with your child/ren but we will no longer be giving out any food items to the children on behalf of families. Not only do we have an increasing number of children with a range of severe allergies and dietary requirements, but we are also a healthy school, and we wish to avoid unnecessary competition between the parents and children – as there is always a cost involved. 

Please do not also give out sweets, chocolates, or any other food items yourselves at the end of the day. If parents want to bring something in to celebrate a special event, we would encourage a new reading book to go in the class library – we will put a label inside to say who kindly donated it.

Parent Workshops

Parents are encouraged to attend workshops to help them find out about strategies used in school in maths, English, science and find out ways in which they can help at home. We also run workshops concerned with how to keep children safe and healthy.

Open Lessons

Every term we have Open Lessons where parents and carers can come and see how teachers teach a particular area of the curriculum and how children learn in their own classes, such as phonics, maths and handwriting. It is an opportunity for parents and carers to be given direct advice on how to support their children at home, as well as ask any questions they might have.

Parent Volunteers

Parents with any spare time are encouraged to join us as Parent Volunteers to support children in school with a wide variety of activities. Parents keen to help, should make an appointment to see the Deputy Headteacher.

What is a Parent Champion Volunteer?

They are parents just like you who volunteer for a few hours a week meeting other parents to tell them about child care and other family services.

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Stay and Play in Nursery

Parents are invited in on a weekly basis to Stay and Play with their child in Nursery.

Widening Horizons

Every Friday from 2pm to 3pm children in Year 1 and 2 have the opportunity to participate in an activity which ‘widens their horizons’. These activities cover a wide range of subjects including Spanish, singing, Lego and art, and the sessions are run by our teachers, teaching assistants and any parents with a skill to offer. Parents keen to help, should make an appointment to see the Assistant Headteacher for KS1, Ms Parmar.

Colindale’s Got Talent

Every year children audition for a slot in the very popular show, Colindale’s Got Talent. The show takes place during the school’s annual International Event.

Everyone Reads

Every Friday morning, we hold our Everyone Reads session, where parents and carers of children in Reception, Years 1,2 and 3 are invited from 8:40 to 9.00 to come into their child’s class and read.

Parent Staff Association (PSA)

All parents and staff at Colindale Primary School are members of the PSA. Many help to organise and support events, raising money to provide the school with equipment and facilities to enrich our children’s primary school experience. The PSA Committee consists of a group of parents working in partnership with the school to drive forward our fundraising initiatives and ensure that all funds raised are used for the benefit of the school. All other parents are warmly invited to get involved, attend meetings, suggest new fundraising ideas, help out at events etc. Click here for further information about the PSA and how to get involved.


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