Home Learning at Colindale

At Colindale Primary School, we believe that home learning plays an important part in a child’s education and we know that children derive great pleasure and benefit when working with their parents and carers.

We understand that children work very hard during the school day and, with this in mind, we have provided a range of activities and links to educational websites with thousands of exciting and valuable learning activities and games to play, which parents and carers can do with their children at home, at their own pace.

We believe that the opportunities and experiences that children have outside of school are equally important in developing and enriching their lives, therefore we are also suggesting places to visit, the majority of which have free entry.

White Rose Hub is for a maths website suitable for all ages. There are 5 new lessons a week which can be completed online or downloaded as worksheets. Please click here to access this resource, additionally, please click on the links below to visit the home learning page for each year group:




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