OFSTED Report – March 2014

We are pleased to say that in March 2014 we had a very successful Ofsted inspection. They said:

  • Colindale Primary School is a friendly, stimulating place of learning for pupils, staff and parents and carers.
  • Its attractive, well-planned, new building is suitable for all, including physically disabled pupils and those with other special educational needs.
  • All groups of pupils achieve well because time for learning is used carefully and opportunities for learning are broad and effective.
  • Pupils behave well and are keen to learn. They are kind, considerate to and respectful of others. They are studious and keen to learn.
  • Pupils enjoy coming to school and attend regularly. They report that they feel safe at school.
  • Teaching is good. Teachers plan and prepare interesting opportunities for learning, such as trips and science week. These help pupils’ enjoyment, motivation and progress.
  • Leaders, including governors, use their good knowledge of the school well to drive improvements. They have maintained a good quality of teaching and positive achievement, despite considerable changes to staff, the school building and environment.

For a copy of the OFSTED report, click here.

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