At Colindale School we promote online safety at all times. Children are taught how the internet works and how to stay safe. Here are a few links that will help you explore different things to remember when you are online. These are important issues and must be taken seriously.


Childnet International

Click here to watch some brilliant stories for 3-7 year olds about how to be clever online.


Childnet International

Watch Detective Digiduck and learn a few lessons on how to stay safe online.


Purple Mash by 2Simple

Try the online safety Quiz on Purple Mash for KS1 Children.


Purple Mash by 2Simple

Try the online safety Quiz on Purple Mash for KS2 Children.


Thinkuknow for 4-7 year olds

Here you will find some simple guidelines on how to stay safe while: Watching Videos, Sharing Pictures, Chatting Online, Personal Information and Gaming.


Thinkuknow for 8-10 year olds

Play games, collect points, put up posters, complete a quiz and earn upgrades.
Have fun while learning about online safety with the Band Runner.


Digital Citizenship

This website talks about your digital footprint and how things that you put on the web – can stay there forever. Something that you put online as a child can still be there and be accessed when you are an adult. You should always think twice before you add comments or put information online.


Espresso Quiz – Online Safety

Log into Espresso to complete the quiz about online safety.


Espresso – Staying Safe Online

Remember – People online are strangers. Do not share information about yourself with them or arrange to meet them. Ask people if you can share photos of them. Always be kind to each other. Ask an adult you trust if you are unsure about anything.


Espresso – Online Safety Rhyme

Learn about online safety by repeating this rhyme.
‘I keep my information safe.
I don’t let people know my name, address or phone number…’


Think S.M.A.R.T. Online

Are there any internet safety rules you have to follow at home or in your school? Do you think about any of the tips your parents and teachers tell you to use while using your smart phone?
Internet safety rules can be annoying to hear at times. However, they are important in helping you. The Internet is always changing, and there are always new and better ways for how to be safe online.
These 5 S.M.A.R.T. internet safety rules are the fundamentals you need to keep in mind while online.


Interland – Be Internet Awesome with Google

Embark on a mission to become a fearless explorer of the online world.
Play a game and learn how to stay safe online at the same time.


Digital 5 a day | Children’s Commissioner for England

Practical Steps to achieve a healthy and balanced digital diet.
5 Steps to better mental wellbeing.


Films for 5-11 year olds | Safer Internet Centre

These films are aimed at children and young people aged  5 – 11 exploring what we can trust on the internet as part of our Safer Internet Day 2021 campaign.


National Online Safety

Going online makes it easier for people to say and do things they probably wouldn’t do face to face. Online bullies don’t get to see their victims’ reactions in real life, so this can cocoon them from the real damage that they are doing. Quite often, people bully because they are going through something difficult themselves and taking it out on others is the only way they know how to get control of their own emotions.


Acceptable Use Policies

Everyone in Colindale School uses the school technical facilities and online tools by following our Acceptable Use Policies.

These include: Acceptable Use Policy for KS1 PupilsAcceptable Use Policy for KS2 PupilsAcceptable Use Policy when Working on Microsoft Office 365 and Teams

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