Summary Statement 2017

The results of our recent Parents & Carers Questionnaire are very positive with over 90% of respondents agreeing to the following statements:

My child is happy at this school (99%)
My child feels safe at this school (99%)
My child is well looked after at this school (99%)
I receive valuable information from this school about my child’s progress (97%)
My child makes good progress at this school (96%)
My child is taught well at this school (96%)
This school is well led and managed (95%)
I would recommend this school to another parent (93%)
My child receives appropriate homework for their age (92%)
The school ensures pupils are well behaved (92%)

We fell just short of the 90% threshold of agreement in response to the statement “This school responds well to any concern I raise” however only 1% disagreed with the statement. It is possible that the respondents who felt unable to offer an opinion to this question have not had reason to raise any concerns.

Sadly 5% disagreed with the statement “This school deals effectively with bullying“. Colindale Primary School has already responded to these concerns and, with much input from pupils via the School Council, is currently in the process of producing a new Anti-Bullying Policy which will be available to view on our website once produced.

Please be assured we are working hard to ensure that we have 100% agreement from our Parents & Carers to the statements within our Questionnaire. The views of our Parents & Carers are very important to us so we thank those who responded to our questionnaire.

Results based on 151 responses to Questionnaire distributed February 2017

Selected Parental Comments

“My son has been attending this school since reception, he has always been catered for his special needs and the special needs team are truly fantastic! Thank you!”

“I really like that the school is clean and protected. Also the teachers are great!”

“Have noticed a good improvement on the way parents concerns are dealt! Still believe that the school needs a bit more work on their activities organisation and working parents notices.”

“Overall very happy with my child’s progress and support she receives from all the teachers.”

“The school is very good for my child”

“Parents evening ‐ there should be some sort of ticketing system for waiting parents!”

“Goes beyond expectations excellent school”

“The best school in Barnet”

“The children are happy and feel belonging. We are happy as parents”

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