Summary Statement 2018

The results of this years Parents & Carers Questionnaire are far more reflective than previously as we had a fantastic 349 responses. Thank you to all that responded. We are pleased to note that with the greater response the results are still very positive with over 90% of respondents agreeing to the following statements:-

My child is happy at this school (96%)
My child feels safe at this school (96%)
My child is well looked after at this school (96%)
I receive valuable information from this school about my child’s progress (91%)
My child makes good progress at this school (94%)
My child is taught well at this school (94%)
I would recommend this school to another parent (91%)
The school ensures pupils are well behaved (92%)

We have acknowledged the concerns with regards to appropriate homework and are currently reviewing this. We will communicate any updates or changes to you as soon as we have any.

We are pleased to see our work at dealing effectively with bullying has been acknowledged with a reduction in the % believing we could deal with this better although we realise this is something we must stay on top of.
We will continue to strive toward achieving 100% satisfaction and encourage you to let us know what you believe we are getting right, what we could be doing better and what you believe does and
doesn’t work well for you and your children.

Results based on 349 responses to Questionnaire distributed February 2018

Selected Parental Comments

“My child is very happy at this school. He loves his class and the class teacher. He is being stretched and challenged
according to his abilities which is amazing”

“Very helpful staff/teachers. My children are very happy here”

“My daughter is very happy in this school. She wakes up early in the morning to get ready for school on time every day.
Thanks to all the teachers”

“I am very satisfied with the school teachers. They are involved with the children which shows commitment. My children
are progressing as well as they are able”

“The school and teacher did amazing thing for my child. I would recommend it to another parent”

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