Science Week – March 2022

Science Week was an enormous success this year! We had around 300 parents and family members come and join us for our fun workshops!

Parents of Nursery children joined in with a variety of activities during science week. We made ‘seed pods’ by adding different seeds to a mixture of flour and water. This VERY sticky mixture was put into a small cardboard pot. The children took these home to plant in their garden or in a pot of soil…who knows what will grow? Hope it is not a beanstalk! We also did a ‘floating flowers’ investigation, to find out which paper made the best flower, floating on top of the water.

During the week Reception were visited by the farm! They couldn’t wait to see the animals and as they walked towards the outside classroom, they could hear all kinds of noises…baa, oink, woof!! When they arrived, they were happy to see a variety of animals and two farmers. The first animal they met was a donkey called ‘Dash’. They learned that donkeys sleep standing up. Then they met a sheep and her lambs. They learned that sheep like to eat grass, but as the lambs were only a week old, they had to drink milk. They met a pig called ‘Twiglet’ who was only one years old. They discovered that ‘Twiglet’ loves to roll around in the mud. They also met brother and sister goats and learned that the goats had horns on their head to protect themselves. They loved stroking the two fluffy rabbits and feeding them carrots and kale. There was also a very friendly farm dog that enjoyed all the attention he was getting from the children. The children asked lots of interesting questions and found out so many facts about the farm animals. It was a wonderful experience that the children won’t forget for a long time to come.

The workshop with parents for Reception was not in the same week but happened at another time. The children began their spring planting, getting the garden bed in the outdoor area ready. They planted potatoes, cress seeds and sunflowers. We can’t wait to see them grow and flourish.

In Year 1 the pupils made bubble wands with their families to find out if the shape of the bubble wand changed the shape of the bubble. Some of the pupils were fantastic at blowing bubbles and everyone had so much fun. We found out it doesn’t matter what the shape of a bubble wand is, the bubble will always be a sphere!

Year 2 held their annual ‘Make the tallest tower’ competition. As in past years, this year was a nail-biting competition. The pupils and families were given newspaper, recycled paper and tape to construct a tower which would hold a cube up. Miss Parmar had to remind the families to let the pupils do some of the work as well! From very excited pupils to families standing on tables to make sure their tower got taller and taller, everyone had a fabulous time. Fantastic teamwork could be seen across the year group with pupils helping each other and adults working together with them. Even some very small family members got involved! The tallest towers did manage to touch the ceiling with one group in 2C creating their own Burj Khalifa!

Year 3 had so many family members that they took their science learning outside. They learnt how to take their pulse and about the effects of exercise on their bodies. The pupils and their families were carrying out star jumps, running up and down the field and checking to see how fast their heart was beating and their pulse was going! Everyone was exhausted by the end of that session.

In Year 4 pupils and families worked through several different experiments. They made water walk; created rain in a cup and growing a rainbow. The children discussed each experiment and predicted what they thought would happen. The pupils really enjoyed the growing a rainbow and rain in a cup experiment. This could be seen by the expression on their faces and the sound of excitement coming out of every classroom!

Year 5 couldn’t believe their luck when their teachers showed them, they were creating marshmallow catapults! Working in small groups with their families they used wooden skewers; blue tack; lolly sticks; rubber bands and of course marshmallows. There were small bits of marshmallow being flung in all directions and the pupils thought carefully about how the catapult would need to work. They had a contest to see who could create a catapult that would throw the marshmallow the furthest distance. Some were fantastic and managed to catapult the marshmallows as far as 3m. We also found a few parents who excelled at making the catapults!

In Year 6 the pupils and families were making slime! The pupils used flour, baking powder, PVA glue and contact lens solution. Though it was difficult they were determined to make it work with some pupils coming very close to making slime. As they were making the slime the teachers realised that they needed a different type of contact lens solution, however this did not deter the children. Like true scientists they thought about what the consistency of slime should be like and added ingredients which would help achieve that. Some pupils added shaving foam as this would make the smile foamy; they added flour in order to thicken the mixture and they added more contact lens solution as they knew this was the activator. The pupils loved just having fun with something messy and creating their own versions of slime!

100 Years of Colindale Mini-Forest Planting – March 2022

On Friday 25th March (Red Nose Day) Ms Rodgers, Mrs Grigoriadou and the Eco Committee planted 15 saplings which had been donated to the school by the Woodland trust. There were 5 Rowan trees, 5 Crab Apple trees and 5 Maple trees.

The saplings were very small, so we planted them in the school garden, in a special ‘nursery’ where they will be safely looked after until they are strong and big enough to be planted in the main grounds of the school.

We all had great fun, planting the saplings, watering them and ensuring they were safely covered with a special sleeve to protect them from any animals.

Over the next few years, we look forward to seeing them grow into mature trees.

Year 1 – Trip to RAF Museum – February 2022

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Starting Out in Early Years

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