Community Links

As a school we build community cohesion by promoting equality of opportunity and inclusion for all the different groups of pupils within our school. We promote shared values and encourage our pupils to actively engage with others from outside our immediate school community so that they understand what they all hold in common. We are committed to equipping our pupils to live and thrive alongside people from many different backgrounds.

We have a programme of curriculum based activities whereby pupils’ understanding of community and diversity is enriched for example, through visits to places of worship, visitors and workshops in school and participation in assemblies. We benefit from a wide range of partnership arrangements, participating in a variety of sports, drama, music and dance activities and festivals. We also have strong links with our local community police officer and school nurse, who come into school to run workshops on a variety of topics such as Stranger Danger, Bullying and Drugs Awareness. Each year we welcome many pupils from local secondary schools and colleges on work experience programmes. Children also learn about the global community through overseas links and staff have visited schools in Beijing, Adelaide and Ibiza, all of which have resulted in much exciting project work.

International Fair

Our annual International Fair is a chance for the whole school community to come together, in their cultural dress if they wish, and enjoy the richness of our diversity. This unique fair features food, stalls, sports activities and performances by those who wish to showcase their talent. The PTA work hard to ensure the event is a fantastic experience for all but they do rely on help from the school community to ensure this happens.

The 2017 International Fair will be held on Thursday 6th July from 4-6:30 p.m. details are available here. Click here to see the ways you can help to make the event a success.

Special Events

The high quality curriculum offered is enriched by educational visits to a wide range of places and special events and workshops which extend and enliven the children’s learning opportunities. Examples of such events are

Science week, O2, Colindales got Talent, Enterprise Project, Book Week, Poetry Competition

We are also regular participants in events such as the Barnet Dance Festival, the Barnet Music Festival, swimming gala and many other sports events.

A highlight of their primary school years for our Year 6 children is the annual five day residential study trip. This is an invaluable experience for children’s social development and independence, encouraging them to take initiative and accept responsibility.