What is a Parent Champion Volunteer?

They are parents just like you who volunteer for a few hours a week meeting other parents to tell them about child care and other family services.

So what is a Parent Champion Volunteer?

They are parents just like you…

…who volunteer for a few hours a week, meeting other parents to tell them about local childcare, school and family services and home learning. As a parent, you can chat more informally and share information about your own positive experience about using local services.

When it comes to finding out about what is going on locally, parents are often the best people to help. You know all about those things that every parent needs to know- because you have experienced it! You can help others get the information and support they need, at the time they need it.

How does it work?

As a Parent Champion …

* You would talk with individuals or small groups about early learning, childcare and other services.

* You might set up information sessions for parents at community events.

* You could help parents to find further information and advice from a Family Information Service or children’s centre or accompany them for the first time to use local facilities.

You just need to be yourself and talk to people just like you’re another parent.

How do I volunteer?

Your Commitment

You would need to spare around 1-2 hours a week, for a minimum of six months. You should normally be able to fit it in around your family, study or other commitments.

A lot of your chatting to other parents is likely to happen when you are out in your local community. Parent Champions meet parents in all sorts of places, such as school playgrounds, markets, libraries and local playgroups.

It can benefit you too!  As well as building your general confidence, you can use your volunteering experience to:

  • further your training or employment prospects;
  • make a change in your career; or
  • find out more about how to best  support and help your own family

Colindale School will help you by:

  • Weekly drop in meeting in the family room at school on Wednesday morning
  • Regular support from Parent Champion Co-ordinators- Susie Averbrook, Mumtaz Choonara
  • Access to computers, photocopiers, school professionals

If you are interested in becoming a Parent Champion, click on the link below;

Parent Champion Interest Form 


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