Colindale Primary School Council

The school council is an important way in which our children are directly involved in contributing to the management and running of various aspects of school. They are able to make a real contribution to decisions that relate to them. These involve giving their views on certain school policies, discussing ideas for school-wide events and suggesting ways of spending monies raised through our PSA (Parent Staff Association)

We have two representatives, usually a boy and a girl, from each class from year 1 to year 6. They meet as a group with the deputy heads twice every half term. At the meetings they all get a turn to feed back ideas they have been given by their classmates and to write down, in their school council notebooks, new issues and questions to take back to their classes for discussion. This way all children’s views can be represented and taken into consideration in decision-making.

Behaviour Policy

This hugely important policy was reviewed in 2020 – 21. The school councillors in years 3 to 6 gave extremely valuable feedback about the rewards and sanctions used in school and discussed the kinds of behaviours that were not acceptable for our revised Behaviour Steps. Their ideas helped shape a more streamlined approach to rewards and sanctions and a more graduated set of Behaviour Steps.


Members of the school council attended the grand opening of our amazing new Treehouse in September 2021.

School council pupils attend opening of Treehouse         

School council pupils and teachers attend treehouse opening

School council pupils cut the ribbon at the treehouse opening


In February 2022, the school council reported back on suggestions made by their classes for new playground equipment. These were listed and then voted on, creating a list of the most popular and viable items that can now be targeted for purchase.

Houses of Parliament Visit

Members of the school council from year 3 to year 6 are excitedly looking forward to their forthcoming visit to this famous place in May 2022, after it sadly had to be cancelled earlier this year due to Covid 19. They will be taken on a tour of Westminster Hall, the galleries and two main chambers, and develop further understanding of democracy and how it works.

Our School Councillors 2021 – 22

Year 1

   Rayah (1M)                                           Marco (1M)

  Halima (1R)                                           Shemaiah (1R)

    Diala (1A)                                           Mubasher (1A)

Year 2

    Abdul (2c)                                          Sinclair (2c)

    Akshayan (2N)                                 Anastasia (2N)

  Elton (2T)                                             Zara B (2T)

Year 3

    Monishka (3CH)                           Johnathan (3CH)

    Ayat (3D)                                              Callan (3D)

    Vasahi (3K)                                          Freddie (3K)

Year 4

  Jasmine (4J)                                          Alicia (4J)

    Zoha (4G)                                                Hammad (4G)

    Ahash (4P)                                            Malalai (4P)

Year 5

    Canan (5B)                                               Ramy (5B)

    Daria (5J)                                                 Santhosh (5J)

    Kevin (5N)                                              Danielle (5N)

Year 6

   Hani (6D)                                              Marua (6D)

    Noreen (6N)                                             Vedant (6N)

    Maysoon (6R)                                             Velawin (6R)

Eco School Green Flag
Working towards Artsmark badge