Colindale Primary School Council Mission Statement

The purpose of our school council is to encourage pupils to get involved in school issues that directly concern them. Our school council members listen to the views of their classmates and take responsibility for some parts of school life.   As we are a large school, and we want to ensure that everyone has their voice heard during meetings, we have an upper (years 4 to 6) and a lower (years 2 and 3) school council.  There are two members of the council (one boy and one girl) from each class and pupils are encouraged to participate and discuss issues that concern the different age groups. The school council meets regularly with the deputy headteacher.

The school council helps to improve our school community by nurturing responsibility and a strong sense of pride and togetherness.

Have a look at what the School Council has been doing so far this year!

  • Making posters and speaking to their classmates about Anti-Bullying Week and requesting that the PTA organise a Friendship Disco to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week, which turned out to be a huge success
  • Visit to the Houses of Parliament to learn about how the United Kingdom is governed and what it means to live in a democracy
  • Choosing outdoor seating for the playground as pupils felt there were not enough places for them to sit quietly with their friends
  • Choosing a treehouse for the playground, which will be purchased by the PTA.
  • Sharing ideas on how the queuing system at lunchtime can be improved and speaking with our school’s catering manager
  • Meeting with our school governors
  • Contributing their ideas to our new packed lunch policy
  • Supporting the PTA with fundraising ideas
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