Colindale Primary School is an Eco School and has been for the past four years. Last year we achieved the Green Flag Award for all our work towards becoming a sustainable, environmentally and eco-friendly community and taking positive action to protect and preserve our planet. Our green flag flies above our school and we are very proud of it!

Every year we have a new group of children who are selected by their peers to represent them as their Eco Councillor, on the Eco Committee. Members of our current Eco Committee are:

1A – Henry

2P – Hamaad

3G – Bejan

4B – Natalia

5LT – Nalin

6N – Sara

1C – Freddie

2J – Rayen

3K – Musa

4R – Umar

5N – Mahdi

6K – Chloe

1M – Zaina

2N – Davi

3F – Balma

4J – Abdullah

5JT – Rowan

6D – Jamar


Autumn term 2019 news

Our new Eco Committee got straight to work in promoting Walk to School Month, which is the month of October. Every child was encouraged to travel sustainably to school at least 3 times per week. At the end of October, the children with at least 12 sustainable journeys received a WOW badge. The Eco Councillors noted the journeys of all the children in their class every day, to keep a record. These results also went towards winning the Eco Trophy for the class with the most sustainable journeys over the whole month.


Eco School Green Flag
Barnet Resilient Schools badge