Colindale Primary School is an Eco School. Last year we were awarded the Silver Award for all our work towards becoming a sustainable, environmentally and eco-friendly community and taking positive action to protect and preserve our planet.

Each year we elect an Eco Committee which includes children from every class from years 1 to 6. Every child interested in the position has to fill in an application form explaining why they want to be an Eco Councillor and what skills they would bring to the committee if elected. Every year there is always a fantastic response from the children who want to be Eco Councillors, with often over 100 applicants; this shows how many of our children want to be a positive influence on our school, environment and world. Twelve children in total are chosen and meet every fortnight to discuss the changes we can make in our school to be more eco-friendly.

Eco Committee News

September 2018 to December 2018

We are officially an Eco School!

We have started this year full of eco pride as we achieved our Green Flag status in July! Our green flag has been delivered and will soon fly proudly in our school grounds, very soon, to show we are an Eco school and that we as a school and community take actions to help and protect our world.

Well done everyone at Colindale Primary School!!!

This year we will continue to learn about our world and how we can look after it. To keep our eco mission at large, we have a new Eco Committee to lead the way, they are:

Shayna, Kinzy & Asia (Year 1)

Clara, Zayd & Patryk (Year 2)

Talwaar, Nela & Lenny (Year 3)

Riley, Andrea & Entiola (Year 4)

Fatimah, Mahmood & Skyrah (Year 5)

Hayley, Azana, Mason & David (Year 6

The Eco Councillors have carried out an environmental review of our school to look at the areas we still need to focus on. The areas we have to work on to make our school more sustainable will then be added to an action plan, which will then be shared with the school.

In October we took part in the annual Walk to School Month! Where every child and member of staff was encouraged to walk, cycle or scoot to school every day. At the end of the month, children who walked at least three times every week received a special walk to school badge. Just over half of UK children walk to school, while the number of children being driven to school has doubled in the last 20 years. Our school took part because of the many benefits we believe it will bring to our children and the community.

Children who do some form of exercise, especially a walk before school:

  1. Arrive fit, refreshed and ready to learn
  2. Do better in class
  3. Are happier, healthier and more independent

And more children walking to school means:

  1. Reduced congestion and improved safety at the school gate
  2. Better local air quality and reduced CO2 emissions

Don’t forget, scooting and cycling count too!

Collecting for Colindale Food Bank

In October, we collected food for our local food bank, Colindale Food Bank, located in Trinity Church on Avion Crescent, which we donate to annually. Last year we collected a staggering amount of items, 736, the most ever! We HAD to beat that number this year!

We had our annual Harvest Assembly, which 6N led, promoting the collection for Colindale Food bank. Their assembly explained how vital the food bank is for people in our community, how we have helped and how we can continue to help. This assembly, posters around the school and our challenge of beating last year’s items led us to collecting….752 items!!! The generosity from the children, their families and the staff was amazing. Thank you to everyone who donated!

As a school we will continue to look for ways of helping others, in our community and in the wider world.

Is it time to start your Spring Clean/Clear-out?

As part of our Eco mission to reduce waste in our planet we now have a textiles bank at our school to collect any type of textiles; clothes, shoes etc. Not only are we helping to reduce waste, our textile bank is supporting an amazing charity – Children’s Air Ambulance Service, the UK’s first and only dedicated helicopter paediatric transfer service. They fly critically ill children for urgent and specialist care around four times faster than if the journey was made by road; in m

any cases time saved is a life saved. Each flight for a child costs approximately £2800 and really can be the difference between life or death for the child involved so it is fantastic for our children at our school to be able to relate to the difference that they are making and the amount of waste they are reducing.

The textiles you put into the textile bank are taken directly to a shop near our school. At that point, they will either be sold in the shop, be valuable or unique enough to go onto their online shop, or be sent where there is need.

So, do you or your children have a wardrobe full of clothes/shoes which do not fit or do not want any more??? If you do then pop them into our textile bank to make a difference to critically ill children and to reduce waste in our environment.

Find our textile bank at Woodfield Gate!

Eco School Green Flag
Barnet Resilient Schools badge