Year 1 at Whipsnade Zoo

In March, the pupils in Year 1 visited Whipsnade Zoo as part of their topic on Animals. The pupils had been learning about animals living in different parts of the world, such as the African Savannah and the Arctic Tundra. This day gave them an opportunity to see these animals in real life.

All the pupils and Jofli were very excited, as this was their first big trip out and on a coach! We set off early just as school began and arrived just as the zoo was opening. During the day, each class visited as many of the wonderful animals as they could. We learnt about endangered white rhinos. We saw bright pink flamingos and tried to stand on one foot just like them. We saw penguins splashing around in their pool and the lionesses came out to say hello (did you know they sleep for 21 hours a day?!). After lunch we watched the giraffes having their lunch; and even saw the 2 small crocodiles – one which began to swim towards us!

It was a long day but a very exciting one. Jofli 1R said, “My favourite part was seeing the very friendly elephants. They were even playing with each other!” Shemiyah 1R said, “My favourite part was seeing all the animals we could. I really liked the lions.” Sonny 1A said, “My best animal was the crocodile!” Mohammed Amine 1M said, “I loved the whole day. It was so much fun!”

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