Colindale Primary School is an Eco School and has been since 2016.

We have been awarded the Green Flag twice for all our work towards becoming a sustainable, environmentally, and eco-friendly community and taking positive action to protect and preserve our planet. Our green flag flies above our school and we are very proud of it!

Every year we have a new group of children who are voted by their peers to represent them as their Eco Ambassador, on the Eco-Committee.


Drawing of the Colindale Eco code completed by pupils

Eco Actions

October: Walk to School Month/WOW-Walk to School Challenge 


Every October is International Walk to School Month – an opportunity for children to join hundreds of thousands of pupils across the globe celebrating the walk to school.

Colindale Primary School takes part in it every year with great success by having a Walk to School Challenge. Every child is encouraged to travel sustainably such as walking, cycling or scooting at least 3 times per week for a month. At the end of October, the children with at least 12 sustainable journeys receive a WOW badge. The Eco Ambassadors note the journeys of all the children in their class every day, to keep a record. The class with the most sustainable journeys wins the Eco trophy.

This year 5,511 sustainable journeys were made! 1M in KS1 and 3K in KS2 were the winners of the Eco Trophy!


Switch off day


On Monday 11th of October was our annual Switch off day as part of the Switch Off Fortnight. Every year is an opportunity for our school community to make small changes that save energy and help protect our planet. This year we managed to save 43.75% on electricity!



COP26-Climate Change Conference 

From 8th to 12th November 2021, we had our “Together for Our Planet” week as part of the COP26- Climate Change Conference, which took place in Glasgow at the beginning of November. We discussed what climate change is, what we can do to protect our planet and be responsible citizens. All classes wrote their pledge and their wishes, on leaves and created the “Tree of Promises”, which is displayed on our Eco Board, to raise awareness of how fragile and precious our planet is. 



In Colindale Primary School we are trying to reduce waste by recycling. We recycle paper, single use water bottles, milk bottles, batteries, writing instruments and toners.

We will soon launch another recycling initiative; old mobile phones and broken hard plastic toys.

Eco School Green Flag
Barnet Resilient Schools badge