Parents are a very important part of our school and play a huge role in the education of their children. There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved in your child’s education at Colindale.

Parents are warmly welcomed to special events happening at Colindale such as Colindale’s Got Talent, school sports days, International Evening and class assemblies. All these events are always supported brilliantly by the parent community. Parents are also encouraged to help on school trips and in various ways around the school. Our school community supports a variety of charities such as The McMillan Cancer Charity by holding a special coffee morning, Children in Need, our local refugee centre and Comic/Sports Relief.


The teachers mark your child’s books every night, you will see a purple comment praising them for what they have done well and a green comment showing them what they need to do next. At the start of every lesson your child will have a chance to work on their green comments and in doing so make progress. Your child will be taught how to mark their own and other children’s work as we feel it is important for them to identify their next steps in learning.



Your child will receive two personal targets in Maths, one for their Mental Maths and one for their ongoing written Maths. They will also receive a Literacy target. These are looked at daily and your child is supported to achieve them with by us in school and you at home.




We plan an exciting topic based curriculum which enables your child to develop their skills year on year. Exciting opportunities for them to have real life learning experiences are incorporated. For example our Year 3 classes have been responsible for designing and creating our sensory garden and Year 5 were responsible for designing our pond.


What if they are finding things hard?

If your child is underachieving in any area they will receive additional interventions (lessons) which we know are effective to help narrow the gap (make quick progress). For example in the autumn term, ten additional teachers ran Maths interventions across the school to help the children who needed it. We look at your child’s results every half term to check their progress. We have an outstanding inclusion ethos at our school with all staff committed to ensuring that every child accesses the curriculum and makes good progress.


What if they are finding things easy?

If your child is very able we also run booster classes to develop their skills further. These are in addition to their class work in Reading and Maths. In addition to this teachers are very skilled at planning appropriate activities in class for them so that they are constantly challenged.



In Year 5 and Year 6 we employ an extra Maths and Literacy teacher so that we can set the children into smaller groups based on their ability. We know that this is effective to help them to reach their full potential.


English as an Additional Language

Children are given a lot of support in developing their English if they are still new to English or need a little bit of extra help. Our pre-teach sessions have proven very successful and give children the chance to discover the meaning of and how to use new vocabulary they need before they take part in class lessons.


School Competitions & Performances

Children are encouraged to excel in different areas of the curriculum through school competitions which run annually such as the Poetry Reading Competition, designing Book Markers, Eurovison Singing Competition, creating Easter Eggs and Easter Hats, Colindale’s Got Talent, Street Dancing, and the Dance Festival. They also train for and are encouraged to perform for special events in dancing, singing and playing instruments. We performed at the O2 in London and perform on an annual basis in the dance and music festivals at the Arts Depot in Finchley.




Making a Difference in Your School Community

Children have the chance to experience working in specialised groups. At present we have a School Council, The School Newspaper, Peer Mentoring Group, Health Embassadors, Young Leaders, Bronze Ambassadors, Life Style Champions, Junior Road Safety Officers, Motor Shifters, and WOW Monitors. They take on different roles in committees and develop their ledership skills and team work. They debate and discuss issues arising in the school community and make decisions on how things can be improved.


ICT Facilities

In our new school we have state of the art ICT facilities and our efficient network system is managed by our full time ICT Manager. Children have access to a wide variety of educational resources and information. We have laptop trolleys in each year group from Year 1 to Year 6 and computers in Reception classes and interactive boards in all of our classrooms and other teaching areas. We have a stage with an amazing lighting and sound system, enhancing every child’s performance. Many of our school performances are recorded and either put on Frog for parents to view or given out as DVDs.


Health & Well Being

We encourage our children to excel in all areas of life and that includes swimming and physical education. We have a beautiful swimming pool and every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has regular swimming lessons. We take part in the Barnet Schools’ Competition every year. This involves intensive training sessions after school to develop swimming stroke styles and stamina. We take part in many PE tournaments including golf, athletics, tag rugby, cross country, football and netball as well as Barnets’ inclusive sports challenge – Bar No 1. Many of these skills are developed in after school clubs.



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